ST 意法半導體 推出小型化且高靈敏度的1.5MP Fox家族全局快門圖像傳感器 (Mono, RGB, RGB-IR)


VD56G3 / VD66GY / VD16GZ是意法半導體為工業和消費類視覺應用開發的新一代圖像感測器。

  • Mono模式 : VD56G3 在可見光和近紅外線區域提供出色的性能。
  • RGB-IR 模式 : VD16GZ 非常適合多光譜成像以及需要同時捕獲彩色和近紅外圖像的許多應用。
  • RGB模式 : VD66GY 是能夠捕捉明亮、銳利的彩色影像。憑藉其巧妙的設計和完整的晶片功能工具箱,它是設計未來智慧和優化系統的理想解決方案。

Functional block diagram

All features

  • Cutting-edge performance of ST proprietary pixel:
    • BSI structure provides superior QE, MTF, and angular response.
    • Full DTI technology further increases sensitivity and sharpness.
    • Benefit both color and NIR (850 nm, 940 nm) image capture.
    • Proprietary technology from ST foundry in France, ensuring a safe supply.
  • Easy integration into your system:
    • Ultra-compact die with centered design to minimize your system size.
    • Small optical format: 4.6 mm (1/4'') at full resolution and 3.7 mm (1/5'') with 1 MP crop.
    • Low power, ideal for battery-powered devices.
    • Robust design and image quality in temperature.
  • A complete toolbox of in-sensor features:
    • Stunning images with in-sensor autoexposure and various corrections.
    • Multiple features to optimize data size and frame rates such as crop, and programmable sequences.
    • 8 GPIOs enabling extra controls such as trigger or LED synchronization.

  • Seamless connection to embedded processing platforms:
    • 1 or 2 lanes MIPI CSI-2 interface enabling straight connection to entry-level cost-effective processing platforms.
    • Start immediately your development with our turnkey sensor boards, modules, and drivers for VD16GZ image sensor.
  • The VD16GZ color and near-infrared image sensor is also available in monochrome version (VD56G3) and color RGB version (VD66GY).




• 家庭與服務機器人
• 智慧電器
• AR/VR 和遊戲
• 無人機和無人機
• 工業機器人與 AGV
• 品質檢驗
• 3D 立體成像
• 條碼讀取、物流和零售
• 安防和生物識別

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