onsemi AR0233AT圖像傳感器簡介

AR0233AT是一款1/2.5英寸CMOS、3μ m DR - Pix BSI像素、捲簾快門,帶有2048 H x 1280 V有源像素陣列的數字圖像傳感器。這種先進的汽車傳感器捕捉圖像的線性,帶高動態範圍。AR0233AT優化低光和具有挑戰性的高動態範圍場景性能(高達140 dB),同時減少Led閃爍(LFM)。複雜的傳感器故障檢測的特點和AR0233AT上的嵌入式數據符合旨在使相機符合ASIL−B標準。該器件可通過簡單的雙線串行接口進行編程,並支持MIPI CSI−2和並行輸出接口。


• Combined HDR RAW Output, up to 24−bit (>140 dB)

• Support for full−resolution 120 dB T1 Super−Exposure + T2 Linear

• New High−Performance 3 m BSI Pixel with Super−Exposure HDR+LFM Mode

• Advanced HDR Image Combination with Flexible Exposure Ratio Control

• 2048 x 1280 at up to 45 fps

• 1920 x 1080 at up to 60 fps

• Real−time Functional Safety Mechanisms and Fault Detection

• ASIL−B and Safety Element Out of Context

• Data Interfaces: 4−lane MIPI CSI−2, Parallel

• Selectable Automatic or User Controlled Black Level Control

• Frame to Frame Context Switching to Enable Multi−function Systems

• Spread−spectrum Input Clock Support

• Multi−Camera Synchronization Support

• CFA option : RGB and RCCG • These are Pb−Free Devices

• Automotive ADAS

• Automotive Surround and Rear−View
• ADAS + Viewing Fusion

• High Dynamic Range Imaging

• Mirror Replacement (CMS)


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false: https://www.onsemi.com/products/sensors/image-sensors/AR0820AT